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Many readers are comparing Hill to the late E. Lynn Harris whose popular books chronicled the lives of “Down Low” African American men.The Sunday Morning trilogy introduces avid readers  of Harris to anew a fresh take on a taboo subject. Come Sunday Morning the first novel. The second book is When Sunday Comes Again.  The finale is  The Last Sunday.

The subject matter has resonated with readers because it mirrors several high profile scandals in prominent mega churches back in 2009. Hill notes his manuscript was written several years before mega church gossip and scandal made national news scene.

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Book 1:

Charismatic young pastor Hezekiah Cleveland and his wife, the beautiful and ambitious Reverend Samantha, certainly have their hands full with managing their less-than-perfect marriage and their drama-prone congregation in this exciting debut! There’s Danny St. John, who opens up Hezekiah to the underworld of being “on the down-low.” Then there’s Samantha’s secret lover, Reverend Willie Mitchell, also Hezekiah’s biggest nemesis, who’s in cahoots with her to take over Hezekiah’s New Testament Cathedral. When a shocking turn of events takes place the day Hezekiah decides to come clean about his double life, and catapults Samantha to position of the leader of the flock, how long will she be able to keep up her own charade?

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