Bridget, a woman with a high-paying career, a beautiful home in Los Angeles and a loving husband… or so she thought. Shortly after her honeymoon, Bridget got sick and visited her doctor, who delivered shocking news.

She was HIV-positive!

Bridget’s husband John tested positive the very next day. Devastated, Bridget called and told her brother about their diagnoses. Her brother gave her very specific instructions.

“‘You ask [your husband] how many men he’s had sex with,'” Bridget remembers her brother saying.

So she did. John’s response gave Bridget another shock.

“He said, ‘Two,'” she told Oprah during her 2010 interview. “I said, ‘Oh, really? When were you going to tell me that?'”

Bridget then opened her husband’s computer and discovered that he had been cruising men-for-men websites, looking for other HIV-positive married men to have sex with. She threw him out of the house, filed for divorce and sued him for fraud.

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