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I’m amazed at how much I’ve learned by observing my dogs, Paka and Madison.  They don’t eat your last piece of chocolate, jump out of closets to scare you on purpose, judge you when you do things you know you aren’t supposed to, and most importantly, they stand by you no matter what.

Whenever I come home my babies are wagging their little tails waiting for me with great anticipation, licking on my heals and ankles, and competing to see whose going to get acknowledged first.  Whether they want to go potty or simply get a rub, they’re always glad to see me.

I often wonder how a marriage would change if as a spouse one came home to a husband or wife who was genuinely glad to see them…  Waiting for you at the door with a kiss and rub on the shoulder, not a problem that needs to be solved, bill that needs to be paid, or to use you as a sounding board to dump all their problems on; just a kiss, a rub, and someone to listen if you have anything to say, and to top it off, a hot plate of food.

Some might say, “Get real.  This is the real world”, but I can think of a few people I know personally that live this way, so I’m forced to believe it can happen.

Stay tuned for more from Paka and Mattie…

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