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All our lives we’ve been told of the benefits of drinking milk. Personally I love  a tall glass of milk. After reading a very interesting article, I found out the milk isn’t what we  think  it is. Actually, milk itself is fine; However, what is done to the milk is the problem.

Pasteurization is public enemy number one.  Pasteurization protects you from  pathogens in raw milk ( LIE) so we’re told by our health bureaucrats.  What I discovered was the way cows are raised and fed controls how healthy our milk is. When cows are raised properly (grass fed and free grazing) there’s no need to process their milk. The problem is cow nutrition today is soy based and high in protein. This allows the cows to produce an unusually high amount of milk. Making all this milk pays a toll on the cow’s health so the cows are shot up with antibiotics. So then guess who else takes in these antibiotics……US  of course.

Pasteurizations has three major negative affects on milk.

  1. Pasteurization changes the physical structure of milk and changes the shape of the amino acid into a protein the body can’t process.
  2. Pasteurization destroys a great deal of the ‘good’ bacteria in milk.
  3. Pasteurization enhances the growth of harmful bacteria and increases hunger in children after drinking milk.

The bottom  line is once milk reaches your local grocery store it is full of allergens and carcinogens and ready for our consumption. Here is a quote from the Humane Society of The United States which explains what really goes on at factory farm dairies.

“Factory farmed dairy cows are typically kept in indoor stalls or on drylots. A drylot is an outdoor enclosure devoid of grass. Cows raised on drylots usually have no protection from inclement weather, nor are they provided with any bedding or a clean place to rest.

Drylots can hold thousands of cows at one time. Because these lots are only completely cleaned out once — or at the most, twice — a year, the filth just keeps building up. Such conditions are not only extremely stressful for the cows, they also facilitate the spread of disease.”

Raw milk is hands down the way to go. It’s full of healthy bacteria, raw fat and CLA (conjugated Linoleic Acid) a cancer fighting agent. One more fact I was surprised to learn, organic milk doesn’t get the job done. The cows used for organic milk are relatively healthy but their milk is still pasteurized.

With this new found information I hope you all are wondering how do I get my hands on some raw milk. Visit RealMilk.com, which will point you in the right direction. Once again you know the truth now just don’t sit there take action.

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