Damita Haddon: I Don’t Believe I Owe Anybody An Explanation

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    In an interesting turn of events Damita Haddon  took to her Facebook  and social cam pages  to explain or not explain her situation with her ex-husband Deitrick Haddon.   Last week we posted: Damita Haddon Announces Engagement [VIDEO]

    Our friends over at EEW Magazine have a screen shot of her engagement picture too! It’s a ROCK!

    Damita was flooded with expressions of congratulations and said:

    “Thank you for supporting my fiancé Reuben and I on our journey of life and love together,” said the “No
    Looking Back We’ve been posting a lot of videos and it’s just been for your entertainment, for fun, for

    In an interesting turn of events  she responded  to her ex-husband’s Deitrick Haddon’s statements.

    For those of you who don’t know what transpired read the below for the back-story:

    Damita Haddon clarified on social media the following when she said:

    A lot of people were wanting me to make a statement, wanting me to defend my honor and
    [wondering] ‘What she gone say?’ or ‘Because she hasn’t said anything, she’s guilty’ and it was nothing of the
    sort at all. 
    We’re just excited about moving into our phase and our journey of love and life together,” said Haddon and
    asked everyone to “Keep us in prayer. Keep us uplifted.”

    In a Feb. 3 Facebook message  the soon-to-be married again Haddon wrote, “Choosing to LET GO and move
    forward in life opens up the opportunity for God to usher u into ur future. The longer u hold on to ur pain and
    settle in ur current state of mind u paralyze NOT GOD BUT YOURSELF.”

    No pity parties necessary…. In the words of my dad ‘Slap yo self up side the head’!! Take authority
    over ur emotions and submit them under the power of God and MOVE FORWARD!”

    Well, ladies and gentlemen there you have it.

    Source:EEW Magazine

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