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Alexis is having a great year and it has just started ! Unfortunately she took a tiny spill and wants to thank you for your love and support! She took this photo to encourage you and let you know that she is doing okay.

On Feb 1 she posted:

“I’m in Pain. I fell today on ice and hit my head. I have a concussion but the CAT scan was clear. Please keep me in your prayers. Don’t forget church tomorrow. Love You!!!”

Yesterday she followed it up with:

“Good morning. I would like to thank everyone for your prayers, love, support, and kind words. Though I couldn’t respond to everyone’s comments like I normally do, I’ve read them all. I wanted you all to know I’m feeling a lot better since my fall Saturday. You’re absolutely right. Our God is a Healer!. Love you all.”

Check out the reason she is Grammy nominated and Stellar recognized:

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