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What treats cholesterol?

I love Sytrinol as a supplement and stop eating processed foods that are starchy or contain sugar.  Also reduce the amount of fatty meats by eating leaner cuts.  Also, take a fish oil supplement daily.

What can be used for weight loss?

I LOVE Phase 2 (starch blocker/carb controller) and green Tea.

Is there a natural treatment for sinus problems?

Eliminate Dairy and start using a neti pot with sterilized salt and purified water 2-4 times daily.

What is the best herbal for gas or being bloated?

Digestive enzymes with each meal, dandelion root, avoid processed foods!!

I have been diagnosed with schleroderma with overlapping lupus symptoms and fibromyalgia! Between my muscles and joint pain and fatigue it can be quite frustrating and expensive! Help please!

There is a ton going on here. Autoimmune health issues are difficult naturally.  For the pain, I would use Celadrin both orally and topically and add in Perluxan too.  Prayers coming your way!!!

What can I take naturally for pain from RSD/CAPS dealing with pain 24/7 for the last 14 years from an injury.

Address the root of the pain with a good trainer and I used and still do use Perluxan, Celadrin and Turmeric as part of my healing process from an injury to my knee in July.

What is a natural supplement to treat obesity by curbing appetite?

First, obesity usually has an underlying emotional issue that should be addressed through counseling.  Supplements like Phase 2 and Green Tea can be helpful with cravings and weight loss efforts.

What’s good for repeated urinary tract infections?


Natural remedy for hot flashes & night sweats. I have no ovaries.

I have friends and family use Oona (trade name product)

What can i do to get treat hot flashes?

I usually recommend Oona (trade name product)

What can be used for weight loss?

I always recommend Phase 2 for those who have issues with starchy food (breads, pasta, rice and potatoes) and Green Tea.

What can I take for appetite suppression?

I love Green Tea and Phase 2.

What herb to use for ovarian cyst pain?

Hmmm.  Tough one…I would use Perluxan and address the cysts directly with counseling.  That may sound crazy, but often there are underlying emotional issues (usually sexual) that are linked back to ovarian issues.  Also, consider detoxifying your body with a tea (I use) Flor Essence.

What do you suggest for Sinus Migraines and congestion?

Stop all dairy and use a neti pot 2-4 times daily.

What is a natural cure for female hair loss, alopecia? My hair is falling out at the present moment.

That is a tough one. There really aren’t a ton of things I can recommend other than a Hair/Skin/Nail vitamin.  Yes, they are usually all in the same bottle.  Also,  if stress is the underlying cause or thyroid, then addressing those issues will be the key.

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