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Many single parents have found “DivorceCare for Kids” (DC4K) programs to be a catalyst for greater parent/child communication, children identifying their feelings, and stronger bonds within their single parent family. More than 3,000 churches nationwide and internationally are equipped to offer DC4K programs.

Steve Grissom, founder/president of DivorceCare for Kids, believes the New Year is a great time to put a plan in place to find healing: “A key step in finding healing for your children is to help them understand that their family may look different than before, but it can still be a loving, happy family with a bright future. Joining a DC4K group is a proactive step in that direction.”

DC4K is a safe, caring place for children ages 5-12 to engage in fun-filled activities while learning about divorce and the many changes they’re encountering. The two-hour weekly programs are packed with games, crafts, journaling, music, exercise and other activities — all designed to help children name and sort through their emotions, learn to communicate their feelings with their parents, and find out about God’s love.

“One boy saw our newspaper ad at school while working on a civics project,” shared a DC4K facilitator from TN. “He cut the ad out and took it home. He showed it to his mother and said, ‘I need this!'”

Trained facilitators lead these biblically based groups. Equipped with an understanding of the effects of divorce or separation on children, these facilitators help the children understand they are not alone, their feelings are normal, and they are still very much loved with many exciting things to look forward to.

One single parent said of DC4K, “Enrolling my kids in this program is one of the best things I’ve ever done. My girls’ self-esteem has soared, and they are truly starting to work through everything that’s happened in their lives.”

For a list of DC4K groups near you, go to www.dc4k.org/findagroup. Or call 800-489-7778.

Single parents who are looking for practical parenting strategies, support, and encouragement on their single-parenting journey can attend a Single & Parenting group while their children go to DC4K. Find Single & Parenting groups at www.singleandparenting.org or call 800-489-7778.

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