, a ministry of Christianity Today, announced the Top 10 Sermons of 2013 that highlight relevant concerns and challenges that pastors must address in the present-day Church. offers the world’s most powerful sermon and sermon illustration database to help preachers teach the Bible in a fresh way. The tools and training provided through help to guide and direct pastors as they connect with culture, develop preaching skills, and face challenges in the pulpit.

With more than 12,000 sermon illustrations and 1,000 sermons, provides ideas and tips to help preachers connect with the Holy Spirit and craft sermons in a unique way for the edification of the local church. The Top 10 Sermons of 2013 highlight current preaching trends and themes being addressed in the church today. According to Matt Woodley, Managing Editor of, “In the wake of broad and rapid cultural changes, preachers are seeking resources for addressing controversial social issues from a biblical, pastoral stance. But many of the sermons on this list reflect classic, unchanging concerns of Christian living — renewing the church (#2); dealing with grief, suffering, and doubt (#3, #5, and #6); understanding God’s character (#7, #9, and #10); and growing in generosity and gratitude (#4, and #8).”

1. Homosexuality
Your primary identity is not your sexuality; it is who you are as a man or woman in Christ.
By Rick McKinley

2. The Marks of a Renewed Church
Four things about the church that should never change.
By John Stott

3. Mediation for a Fallen Police Officer
In times of deep crisis the Bible offers even deeper words of encouragement.
By Stuart Briscoe

4. A Psalm for Thanksgiving
You have a duty to give thanks to God for who he is and what he has done for you.
By H.B. Charles

5. What to Do When Your Fig Tree Doesn’t Blossom
We can trust the person of God even when we can’t grasp the plan of God.
By Jeffrey Arthurs

6. Finding God in the Dark
By bringing our laments to God, we engage God and declare our trust in Him.
By Chuck DeGroat

7. God Is Holy
Gaining a glimpse of God’s fire.
By Dan Meyer

8. The 10 Financial Commandments
How are we doing when it comes to living with financial wisdom? Let these 10 biblical principles serve as a guide.
By John Ortberg

9. The World’s Best Love Story
God keeps pursuing us and waiting for us to cast ourselves on His faithful love.
By Haddon Robinson

10. What Child Is This?
What’s the big deal with Christmas? Jesus is God ‘with’ us and ‘for’ us.
By Juan Sanchez

In addition to insight into the church, these sermons also provide a sampling of more than 1,000 downloadable sermons provided by Editors choose high-quality and biblically based sermons that serve as models for preaching and guide preachers in crafting sermons for the local church. “In the coming year,” says Matt, “we’ll continue to offer sermons that are grounded in Scripture, well-organized and illustrated, and relevant for people in ministry context.”

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