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This time there will be no resolutions, no promise this will be the year I achieve perfection, and most of all, no beating up on myself when I fall off the wagon.  Instead, I will have only one goal — to let go of things that have kept me from being all that I can be.

1.    Letting Go Of What Others Think

Before I try something new, I often hear this little gremlin voice inside my head telling me all the reasons why I shouldn’t go for it.  It tells me all the things that could go wrong, all the reasons why I’m not qualified, and most of all, it lists all of the people who may disagree with my plan.

Have you ever heard this voice?

When I’m in a good space, it’s easy to tune out and move forward.  But, too often I let it stop me.  I become consumed with what people might think, forgetting that those who mean the most have always supported me no matter.

Today I say “NO MORE.”

This week’s Affirmation:  From this day on, I will listen only to His voice, which never leads me astray.

2.    Letting Go Of Fear

How many times have you let fear stop you?  

Fear of stepping out of that job into something more purposeful. . . . Fear of changing career paths or going back to school. . . . Fear of a negative health report or of the unknown.

Today I want you to stop and declare “NO MORE.”

By no means am I saying it will always be easy, or that you won’t ever get scared.  But, I am saying that if you remember whose child you are and have faith in His perfect plan, fear should never stop you.

That may mean standing tall when a job loses you, or holding it together when a negative report comes your way.  The wonderful truth is that no matter what happens, faith tells us that you will not have to face it alone.

This week’s Affirmation:  I need never fear because I know who holds my hand.

3.    Letting Go Of Perfectionism

I’m going to run a 10K . . . just as soon as things slow down and I’m able to devote 4-5 days per week to training.

I’m going to write another book . . . just as soon as I have a few months with nothing else going on, so I can finally dive in consistently.

My list goes on and on.  What about yours?

Perfectionism often goes hand in hand with procrastination.  Why?  Because in waiting for the perfect time, we never finish – or worse yet, never even start.

Today, let’s say “NO MORE.”

Maybe we don’t have time to workout 4-5 times per week for an hour, but how about 15 minutes twice a week to start?  Maybe we can’t carve out quiet time for months to write a book, but how about finding 30 minutes to write that first page?

Step by step, page by page, always working towards the goal.  With any luck, we might just get there faster than we think.

This week’s Affirmation:  Recognizing that there will never be a perfect time, I will start today.

4.    Letting Go Of Whatever You’re Holding Onto

How many times have you had your fist clamped so tightly onto a thing or person, that something better couldn’t find a way in?

The answer for me is too many to count.   I’ve held on to jobs, houses, and even a husband without praying for confirmation that I was holding onto what was really for me.

The irony of it is that when I finally said “God, your will be done” and got over the fear of letting go, the blessing on the other side was always 100 times better than what (or who) I thought I couldn’t live without.

Today, let’s declare, “NO MORE.”

This week’s Affirmation:  Instead of holding onto what I think I want, I will be open to all that is in His perfect plan.

A note about the author: Imani is the author of a novel “When I Was Broken” and a book of inspirational thoughts “You Are Not Alone.”  An attorney by trade, she is also a life coach, retreat facilitator, and speaker dedicated to inspiring others to live their lives to the fullest.  To follow her writing or get information on her You Are Not Alone retreats, go to www.byimani.com.

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