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This reunion is one that could only happen during the warmth of the holiday season – Carlos Santana reconnected with a former bandmate on the streets of California.

Santana’s former bandmate, Marcus “The Magnificent” Malone, is now homeless. After a prison stint veered Malone off the path of musical success, he eventually wound up on the streets.

A local reporter from California found Malone, who recounted his past relationship with the famous musician. His story ended up on air, and eventually made its way to Santana himself. With the help of Stanley Roberts, the local reporter who uncovered the story, Santana was able to reunite with his old friend on the streets of Oakland.

The two shared a “warm embrace” and Santana pledged to find Malone a place to live and a recording session with members from the original Santana Blues Band members.

Carlos Santana Reunites with Homeless Bandmate  was originally published on zonadesabor.com