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President and Mrs. Obama sat down for their annual interview with People magazine recently to discuss the year they’ve had – politically and otherwise.

Talking with the couple in the Blue Room of the White House, People went over the less-than-popular healthcare.gov launch and the revelation that the NSA was listening in on phone calls of world leaders, namely German Chancellor Angela Merkel, which resulted in a transatlantic phone apology on behalf of the president.

Now, for the more relatable stuff. The Obamas, believe it or not, have to deal with day-to-day family business as well.

“I’ve got three opinionated, strong, tall women,” the president said. “If they get together, they can have fun about my ears or being too loud, or how I dress.”

Also disclosed in the interview was the fact that Sasha and Malia have taught their dad how to use Instagram and Vine. Th Obamas also noted that the First Lady’s fashion choices are often a hot topic of discussion in the household.

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