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There is one word that can destroy all families and that word is content. C-O-N-T-E-N-T! Content as in comfortable or relaxed.

Being content is our Community’s fundamental flaw. One achievement and we believe we have arrived. One set back and we are no longer willing to make an effort. Whether it’s people, money or jobs we have a tendency to forget good or bad it is just one outcome of one day of what we hope will be a long life.

This shortsightedness leads to contentment. Contentment causes us to treat life as a destination rather than what it truly is – a journey.

Life is not about being content. Life is not static, fixed or unchanging. Life is not about what you undertook yesterday.

Life is about action. Life is about today and how you plan to improve upon tomorrow, if you are blessed with a tomorrow. Life is not just a journey, life is a vigorous dynamic adventure.

Consider that those we most admire personify this truth about life and have managed to avoid this fundamental flaw of being content. The study of our Community’s champions illustrates those refusing to be content. Theirs is a journey of continuous progression, growth and excellence. We reverence these champions because of their ability to appreciate a moment without being overcome by any moment.

Our champions stay in the moment. Those we reverence live for the moment. The great are actively trying to improve. The successful are never content. This approach to avoid contentment would serve us well collectively and individually. This approach would aide us after we say “I do”.

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