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Texas senators ted Cruz and John Cornyn are getting big fat F’s from a coalition of advocacy groups (including the Texas chapter of the National Education Association) on the basis that they haven’t defended public schools or stepped up to reform the federal immigration system.

Demonstrators took to the state Capitol steps recently to make known their dissatisfaction with their elected representatives. Protestors also said health care and voting rights were major issues the senators failed to promote.

According to NBC Latino, the crowd chanted “Cruz, Cruz, have no doubt, together we will vote you out!” despite the fact that the senator only began his six-year term in 2012.

These demonstrations come at a time where the GOP’s approval ratings are plummeting nationwide. For Senator Cruz in particular, it’s been a rough couple of weeks. After posting a tribute to Nelson Mandela on his Facebook page, a number of online “fans” used that space to criticize Cruz and other Republican leaders for everything ranging from “supporting communism” to abortion rights.

Texas Senators Receive Failing Grades from State Advocacy Coalitions  was originally published on zonadesabor.com

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