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When Boston Subway Driver, Charice Lewis pulled into Boston’s north station, she had no idea that a drunk woman had fallen onto the tracks. Bystanders attempted to alert Charice by frantically waving their arms as she pulled into the station. Unsure if the bystanders were themselves intending to jump, Charice braked immediately coming within inches of rolling over the inebriated woman on the tracks.

This amazing video shows the miraculous saving of a woman’s life.

According to a report from the Associated Press, Lewis uttered a silent prayer “‘Please God, let this woman be OK’ before getting out of her cab to check. Lewis said the woman just smiled at her.”

The woman, Sophia Hartdegen, who had been out partying expressed her gratitude to Charice and the other bystanders who helped to save her life. We’ve all been warned, “Don’t drink and drive.” Perhaps we should step that up to include “Don’t drink and ride either.”

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