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Over the years I have listened to and engaged in my share of debates over whether or not black folks >ahem< (excuse me), African Americans should continue to use the “N” word.  I have heard many compelling arguments on both sides.

There are some African Americans who believe that the “N” word is the most derogatory manner in which to refer to a black person and refuse to use it under any circumstances. Many of these same people also refuse to attend picnics, and in the name of heightened self-awareness, will only attend “park gatherings.” I don’t have to agree completely with these people in order to value and respect their viewpoint. A person should never behave in a manner which violates his/her conscience.

There are others who believe that the modern use of the “N” word is the ultimate victory over the ugly, evil spirit that invented it. These folks claim that we took a word that was meant for evil and commandeered it for our own purposes. While we have attributed every meaning to it from “ghetto thug” to “most beloved, loyal, best friend” make no mistake, it is we who have determined how and when we use it.

Still there is a third group, which does not care either way. Regardless of which idealology you embrace, we can all agree – if the “N” word must be uttered, black folks better be the only ones doing the uttering.

The young man in the video below has very strong views about the use of the “N” word. Whether or not you agree with his viewpoint, you must agree that he articulates his arguments very well and is a delight to watch. Enjoy the video.

Do you think African Americans should retire the “N” word? If so, why? If not, why not? There has been so much discussion, do you even care at this point? Please leave a comment explaining your position. We’d love to hear what you think and why.

Be blessed Family.

Written by Sheeri Mitchell  For Elev8.com

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