Do you have a go-to, standby excuse or do you always say yes?

As much as we love being social butterflies and hopping about town to see friends and family members, sometimes our ability to network and socialize has invitations to events we’re not so keen on attending falling into our lap. Holiday season brings a plethora of invites. Make sure that you take a look at you schedule. Consider the relationship before responding. It may be that the person that is inviting you really would be crushed if you do not go. RSVP immediately. Part planners have a litany of things to do. Be brief and do not over explain yourself.

Here are a few standard words  to start you off:

·         I’m very sorry, I don’t

·         Think I can.

·         I’d like to, but ….

·         I’m afraid I’ve

·         Already promised….

·         Thank you for asking me, but ….

·         Unfortunately  , I can’t….

It’s OK to decline an invitation. Our time is precious, we have a lot of commitments today. Don’t feel guilty. Enjoy the season but, really be present at things that really commit to you.

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