Use positive language- The words I speak to myself and to others really do alter my perception of the world. But when I can recognize the toxic self-talk and change my choice of words, the seeds of gratitude can grow. When you begin to change your language the world around you frees up.

See with your heart and soul. We spend far too much time letting technology poison our first detectors! Listen to your heart and feel in your soul.  These two things help you determine  how you live as a person. A  wise person once said: “Seek not to be loved, but  begin loving.” When you smile and are full of joy, you become the sunshine in every ones day.   Start there!

Be Kind. When you are kind there is a spirit of thankfulness and gratitude that cannot be denied. A smile goes a long way in this overworked, overstressed, complicated world. Be kind to yourself. Accept that everyone has limitations.

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