Preachers Of L.A. Dominique Haddon Reveals Her Heart [VIDEO]

Dominique says:

An apology goes a long way, especially when it comes from someone who hurt you while in the process of protecting their own. I have experienced many hurts, but nothing hurt me worse than being falsely accused of, or even put into a category of women who would purposely ruin someone’s career for a check! The day I met Deitrick’s mother was the day my life was forever changed. Her lack of concern for me and my unborn child’s well-being devastated me. I was in a place of shock because she was so focused on protecting her son that, unconsciously, she made me feel as if I — and my child — ruined his “perfect life.” It made my pregnancy much harder to bear. Not only did we have to prepare ourselves to face the potential scrutiny of the church, but we also had to endure the pressure of his parents, especially his mother.

With all of that being said, her apology showed me that she recognized she was wrong in her treatment of me. It also showed me that she wasn’t necessarily angry at me, but that she was angry at the future attacks that would come from the religious arena in which we all operate. I can respect a person who will ‘fess up to their wrongs and strive to correct that wrong.

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