Members of the fade drug task force in Kentucky said Scott Gilliam, the pastor of Perry’s Branch Holiness Tabernacle in Olive Hill, was using his former church as part of a major drug enterprise. Authorities confiscated more than $1 million in cash, vehicles, and jewelry after the two were arrested, according to the FIVCO Area Drug Enforcement Task Force (FADE), which is investigating the case.

Officers also recovered “about $70,000” in prescription pills at the minister’s church and his residence, the task force said.

“It’s just a quiet little neighborhood, but to know this little old school house that was a church for the past few years was involved in this is a complete shock to me,” Mike Newsome, of Olive Hill, said. “And i live right across the street.”

“Tens of thousands of pills that have a street value of $40 to $45 each. So you’re talking [a] multi-million dollar trafficking organization,” said the lead detective.

Detectives revealed that over a year, they intercepted thousands of pills across several states associated with the ring and highlighted that Gilliam used the church as a den for his illicit merchandise.

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{source: Lexington Courier}