Spiritual Recovery For Victims Of Crime (thumbnail)Members of the fade drug task force in Kentucky said Scott Gilliam, the pastor of Perry’s Branch Holiness Tabernacle in Olive Hill, was using his former church as part of a major drug enterprise. Authorities confiscated more than $1 million in cash, vehicles, and jewelry after the two were arrested, according to the FIVCO Area Drug Enforcement Task Force (FADE), which is investigating the case.

Officers also recovered “about $70,000” in prescription pills at the minister’s church and his residence, the task force said.
“It’s just a quiet little neighborhood, but to know this little old school house that was a church for the past few years was involved in this is a complete shock to me,” Mike Newsome, of Olive Hill, said. “And i live right across the street.”

“Tens of thousands of pills that have a street value of $40 to $45 each. So you’re talking [a] multi-million dollar trafficking organization,” said the lead detective.

Detectives revealed that over a year, they intercepted thousands of pills across several states associated with the ring and highlighted that Gilliam used the church as a den for his illicit merchandise.

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{source: Lexington Courier}

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