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I have spent the last couple of weeks feeling slightly overwhelmed. I hope it doesn’t come across as complaining, because I am grateful for every opportunity that has come my way. The idea of juggling it all is what I’m currently tackling.

I wear many different hats in my life. I am a wife, mother, Life and Relationship Coach, Job-Readiness Trainer, Director of Marriage Ministry at my church, and a part-time writer/blogger. Whew, I get tired just typing it all. As you can guess, some days are better than others.

Over these last few weeks I have taken on an extra assignment at work.  It’s one I’m extremely passionate about, that actually encompasses all I want to do in my career. With that, however, has come a little stress that I didn’t expect and extra time I hadn’t considered. It’s caused me to bring work home and take a little time away from my family.  Although I feel the pressure at times, I am confident that it will all get done, and I will be successful.

Now I know for sure I’m not the only woman with multiple titles who feels the burn at times. To all my other busy married, mommy professionals, it can be done, we just can’t forget the following:

Know your limits.

While we should strive and push ourselves, we must be aware of when it’s feeling like too much. When we do experience those feelings, it’s beneficial to stop and regroup.

Know when to say “NO”.

We can’t always get everything on our plates. Unfortunately, we are sometimes going to have to disappoint others by saying no. Trust me when I say, they will understand.

We also have to be mindful of over-promising, it’s okay to tell someone let me check my schedule and get back to you.

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