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Myesha Chaney, a Long Beach native, is a pastor’s wife, mother, motivational speaker, worship leader, recording artist, entrepreneur, author, and radio personality. She is Executive Director of Antioch Church of Long Beach, California, where her husband Wayne Chaney Jr., serves as senior pastor.

You have had the chance to watch her these last few episodes on The Preachers Of L.A.

E8: How do you mange children, charity and ministry?

I am still trying to find the perfect balance to it all. I think with a lot of organization and pray I try to manage it all. The great thing is that  I am passionate about it. It’s still organized chaos.

E8: We saw early morning in your house. How does your day begin?

I start my day by spending time with God. I think that’s important. Everyday, I take 15 minutes and have a quiet time . The day starts with me spending time in scripture and prayer.

E8: How did you become involved in The Preacher’s Of L.A.?

It was the pastors’ project at first. When he  ( Wayne Chaney Jr) bought it to me I figured that people would get a realistic view. The good part of it all is people get a birds eye view. I thought it would be healthy. We are always trying to be real with people. We are always trying to give perspective. What happened after the sermon?

E8: What has been the hardest part of filming the show?

Time wise it was a stretch.  (Laughing) I would say weight loss was a priority. I actually have lost 20 pounds, by God’s grace. I saw that and was right on it!  That was me being me totally. I thought it was fair perspective.

E8: Do you or did you watch reality tv before this?

Reality is one of my secret things I enjoy. I grab my popcorn and tune in to a few. I sit down watching and I am watching  Preachers Of L.A.

E8: When can we expect new music?

I have just started the process. I hope at the top of year . It sounds good.

E8: How do you keep it all together?

I am just a calm person by nature. Many people don’t know I am a registered nurse by profession.  With the kids, it’s easy to focus because I know how to stay calm, no matter what is really going on inside. I fast . The idea of fasting is common for me.  Even though the things around me may be out of order, I find being focused  draws me back to being spiritually  grounded. Routine is a big part of what helps as well.  It helps keep things in place.

When our interview ended Myesha promised to keep us in the loop about her charity. In full disclosure Myesha blogged for us for awhile in 2012.

Here are three of her posts:

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