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Bishop Noel Jones told his congregation he needed to come speak to them face to face concerning all the media attention around Preachers of LA. He asked that the LIVE stream from the service be cut so that he could have a personal moment with his congregation.

Bishop made it clear he was not going to lose any of his friends over their public or private opinions of the show.

According to Bishop Jones, his doctors advised him not to return to the pulpit until at least this coming Wednesday, but pressing church matters forced the ailing pastor to return to the church for a heartfelt talk with his congregation, even telling the media staff to turn off the LIVE streaming while he shared his concerns.
Bishop Jones, who appeared to be weak and complaining of back problems, started his conversation by enlightening the congregation about the differences between institutional churches verses personality driven churches and the problems that can arise when you have a pastor away for a short time (it was a financial conversation).  While addressing the audience, Bishop Jones also took time to talk about various media reports and critics of Oxygen’s new reality series, The Preachers of LA, to which he is featured.
As it pertained to what other notable preachers had to say about the show, Bishop Jones says he has nothing but love for all of his preacher friends who thought the show shined a negative light on ministry and preachers.  Bishop Jones made it clear to his congregation that ‘no one put a gun to his head’ and he did the show ‘with the full knowledge’ of what others would say, or think of him, the church and other ministers on the show.  He did make it clear that he was disheartened that people rushed to judgment about his life and material possessions not knowing the back-story about his life and his career as a former exotic car exporter.
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