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It’s Friday and its Harvest season y’all.  That means the air is now crispy and cool.  The weather is no longer burning summer baking hot.  It’s time for a little hot chocolate, apple cider, and eating warm cookies from the oven.  Coats are being pulled a little closer to the body.  Earmuffs and thermals are coming out of storage.  Apple and pumpkin picking is happening.  It’s Harvest season y’all.

God calls many of us to the Harvest but the laborers are few.  We get tired along the way.  We try to pull too many weeds out of the fertile ground of the Harvest and instead pull the fruit instead.  Others of us refuse to get our knees dirty and don’t pull any weeds at all; therefore, our Harvest is hidden from us through the mess of weeds.

Then, there are some who wait patiently on the Lord.  And, prune and maintain their Harvest by listening to the Father’s whispered instructions.  These people don’t pull too many weeds and don’t let them over grow.  They hear The Master Gardener tell them just how to go about ensuring that the Harvest comes to fruition exactly how it was made.  Their Harvest is bountiful without spot or blemish.  Their Harvest produces more fruit in the future not just what was picked today.  They are taught how much to leave behind to be harvested on another day.

As the days get shorter and the nights get longer, slow down, child of God.  Be still and know that “I AM” is God.  And, listen to His still small voice about the Harvest.  He wants your Harvest to be plentiful and bountiful because when it is, He is glorified.  Spend the time with your families, they are not promised.  Spend time with your loved ones, they might not be here tomorrow.  Spend time enjoying one another, the coolness of the evening is meant to drive us indoors and to snuggle with our loved ones.

Enjoy the beauty of Harvest time.  Enjoy the richness of colors, crispness of the air, and the gentleness of the breezes.  Know that the Harvest is ripe and God is waiting for you to do your part for His Kingdom Harvest.  Everybody’s part in the Harvest is important whether we deem it big or small.  God sees them all the same – essential.

As Harvest season draws near, do your part right where you are.  Do it for you, do it for the Harvest itself, and do it for God.  I wanna do my part.  I wanna be a part of the Harvest.  I wanna honor God with my stillness, familiarity, and obedience.  I want the beautiful memories of the Harvest time.

So, I am going to enjoy my part. I am going to join Harvest Season.  I am going to listen to God’s still voice.  Right now in fact.  Here’s to being still and enjoying those around me and participating in the Harvest.  And, to that all I can say is “THANK GOD ITS FRIDAY!”

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