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Christy Haizlip is beautiful.  She has a laugh and warmth about her that makes you want to call her your  best girlfriend. It’s not an air. It’s not ‘holier than thou’. It’s just a sense of love and support. She listens. It’s interesting because that is exactly same way her husband Pastor Jay comes across. Christy’s love for the Lord is infectious.  When she jumped on the phone with me, she was just coming from a parishioner who was in need. You could hear her genuine worry for the woman.

Here is what this woman of God had to say.

E8: How do you manage being wife, pastor mom and friend? 

Well, just to be completely honest as a matter of fact, I have to be on top of it every second. There has to be structure in place. I have a whole host of things that can be thrown at me  any given moment. It takes a lot of discipline to make  sure  everything is not going crazy. Keeping God first is a key factor. There are lots of times you may walk into a meeting and you have to deal with an urgent situation. You have things you need to get done everyday.  In those times, you cannot be led emotionally.  Sometimes you have to reconfigure your day. Regardless, of what I have going on I know that I have to be organized. You carry a great responsibility. You have to be able to know what you are doing and stay on point so to speak.

E8:  How do you start your day?

I am a firm believer in starting my day off with the Lord. I believe that when  I arise in the morning the first person I address is God. I always want to have my welcome sign for him. I constantly pray to make me  a better wife, a better mother and a better friend. I have to spend that time with Him. It starts my day and keeps me with him.

E8: What is important to remember in your faith walk?

I really keep that ope line of talk with the Lord. Communication with God is a great thing.  You can grow everyday spiritually when you start with being open to communicate with God.

E8: What was the greatest lesson in your Walk?

I’ve learned a lot. Some of that comes from my personal experiences. I remember a day when I was feeling overwhelmed when we first started the church. I had to do a a lot of things. . I heard the voice of God remind me  I am not here to promote ‘Christy’. Christy had to die.  I work for the kingdom of God. There were times in the beginning of building the church I had to wear many faces of the church. One day I was in tears, after being just overwhelmed. I prayed and I heard God say, ‘If you will just leave Christy in the car and you go in there and be my eyes, hands,, my arms. I will take care of you.’ It really  aligned everything for me. You are there to show the love of God. For a lot of people, it may be their first time walking into church. I try to listen with his voice and see with his eyes. You bring his love to life in real.

 E8: What is the call oft he church?

When you come to church it is to help people grow with their elevation with God. I am very sensitive to that. You treat everyone  with love. Love never fails. You can take the meanest most hateful person and show them love and they change. You can  love the unlovable person and show them God’s love.

E8: What do you think of what you have seen of the  season Preachers Of L.A.?

I am like any other girl. I sometimes cringe when I see myself .There are moments where I say, ‘I wish I would have said that or this.’  It’s taking awhile to get use to seeing myself. It’s still kind of weird. We really spent a lot of time praying about this. There are two types of love for God. Permissive love and perfect love. Jay and I try to live in perfect love.  We really felt like it was his perfect will to do this.

She loves her husband with all her heart! Here was her tweet that sent everyone into a sigh!

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