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Read 2 Corinthians 5:17

Our leadership was excellent and their passion was obvious so that was not the problem. No doubt we had the right person leading us but for some reason we were not as productive as hoped. So after carefully seeking God and conversing with our leadership, the change was made. It totally reconstructed our approach and it caused us to retool our system. What has been the result of the change has been nothing short of amazing. We have experienced incredible success over the last two weeks with an increase of 400% in participation. The energy within the building is at an all time high and the support from staff, leaders, and new members is overwhelming me. The fact we are successful is as well having an extremely positive affect upon our membership. Success breeds enthusiasm and change is key to creating the conditions for success.

I thought about this and God clearly showed me that this is an example of what happens when you are willing to be courageous and make changes even if the change places you in totally unexplored place. Change is an ally to persons who have a passion for excellence and who deeply desire to achieve the plan of God for their life. Read Jeremiah 29:11. Change does not inhibit progress and when Spirit-led change becomes a partner in increasing productivity and performance. The believer, who avails himself or herself to God and allows God to push them into new places, will know what it feels like to see healthy growth. I want offer a strategy for making changes that positively impact your life.

1. Clearly and definitely determine your standard and your expectations for your life. This is so important because this will give you permission to make changes. If you are not reaching your standard, then change is necessary.

2. Look to simplify before adding. This was so important of a lesson for me. Instead of adding weeks or adjusting the curriculum with more material, we simplified the process to one day, three hours and we streamlined the material. Sometimes the answer is in less.

3. Talk to all the important stakeholders connect to the change and at least give them the respect of understanding why change is necessary. There is a good chance they will commit to partner with you.

4. Through prayer, recommit to the standard God has ordained for you and implement the change systemically.

5. Trust the change and do not panic. God will honor the decision.

So let’s be courageous and do what is best for our lives. Make the changes needed and watch God do what he has promised.