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Well we are rapidly approaching everyone’s favorite time of year, the holiday season. We all love the fun, the family and last but not least the food.  In this article I ‘m going to try to attempt the impossible. I am going to inform you of  a little technique I use during the holiday that may keep the  weight off and maybe even  lose. It’s all based on the information that I’ve given you so far. I told you from day one the goal here is to keep health simple and this is no different.  I want you to follow two steps to avoid the holiday weight gain. First of all I want you to cleanse, secondly you are going to cut you holiday caloric intake (servings)in half. I want you to enjoy your holiday food but just be smart. I want you to cleanse on the following dates,  November 13th,  December 18th and January 6th. I chose theses specific dates so you will be finished a week long cleanse and a good cleanse will stay in your system through each of the holidays and the final cleanse will help to remove what’s left at the end. The key for you is to be aware of  what foods to cut  back. By now you know “bad” carbs are your down fall.  You must now be aware of the fatty foods you need to avoid (anything fried, soups, sauces, gravy).  Instead of constantly eating and putting yourself to sleep you will not be as hungry and you will be full of energy.  When Chrsitmas comes around you will not want that “Itis” feeling  which my cause you to cut back even more. When the New Years’ Eve arrives you will be focused and ready to start the New Year off right. The good news is there is more. My next articles will be  a power packed, high energy calorie burning workout program that will jump start you rigth into 2010. So the table is set, you will be full of energy, excited and and have a strong sense of accomplishment for making it through the holidays  looking and feeling better than ever. I  hope you’re excited because I’m excited for you. I can’t wait to hear how well everyone does. Happy Holiday Season.

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