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You’ve read The Book, now buy the magazine.

Reader’s Digest Association thinks it has found a new model for launching a mass magazine brand in this digital era: Plug into an existing community, preferably a really, really big one that’s incredibly devoted and highly likely to evangelize the product. That’s what RDA is banking on with today’s debut of Purpose Driven Connection, a multimedia platform built around the teachings of Rick Warren, pastor of Saddleback Church and best-selling author of “The Purpose Driven Life.”

RDA President-CEO Mary Berner said Purpose Driven Connection is much more than a magazine. She sees the quarterly — which makes its debut today after a year and a half of planning — as just one piece of a network, and that readers become members, not subscribers.

“We’re not just launching a magazine; we’re launching a multimedia, multiplatform community,” she said. “That is absolutely at the core of what our strategy is globally and in the U.S.”

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