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It can appear to be nothing more than a pagan event dreamed up by some marketer or candy and costume manufacturer, but All Hallows Eve was actually intended to be a righteous opportunity purposed in history past to commemorate old saints All Hallows Eve is tied directly to All Saints Day celebrated on November 1 of each year to commemorate the old saints who have past on. These “saints” were heroes and martyrs for the Christian Faith.  Therefore, I would like to offer you an alternative to celebrating the day since it is on a Saturday this year.

1.Have a Game Night. This allows you to decorate the place with acceptable decorations and set the tine to what you can allow. It will also allow the children and their friends an opportunity to enjoy each other’s company and build real relationship person to person time. In this day and time where texting and social media lead the way in what they are doing we need to apply some face to face time for them.

2.Harvest Party. Some places do this in conjunction with it in their churches, schools and Youth Centers. A leaf pile surrounded by bales of hay that kids can dive into for a period of time to search for candy. There are competitions of all kinds, the legged races and dunking for apples area amongst the games. You can order  pizza, popcorn, and nachos that come free with admission

3.Bowling or Laser Tag .You can invite other families to join you at an indoor game center. Due to the low turn out on these evenings they will cut a break just to make a profit. Bowling alleys in particular are very slow on Halloween. You can invite other to come and have each team dress with a costume theme.

4.Throw a Costume Party So your kids really want to dress up. Well, what’s wrong with that? As long as they don’t dress up as anything evil, a costume party can be a great activity Award prizes for the best costumes. We have been doing this in my Parish for years now. This year’s theme is the 1950’s and 1960’s. Last year our theme was the wild west. It can be fun for both the adults and children as well.

5.Pumpkin Party You can go to a pumpkin patch, or your local Farmer’s market and  pick out your favorite pumpkins, and then carve them into silly faces Remember  don’t throw away those seeds. Dry them out and add some salt for a fun snack!


If you do choose to venture out on this night with trick or treaters institute the following rules. Choose costumes are made with flame-retardant reflective materials. Consider using make up instead of masks in addition to your child’s costume. Masks are hard to see out of and that’s a safety issue when they’re crossing the street. Tell your children not to eat any of their treats until they come home so you can inspect each and every piece. Stay in groups and/or with parent. Provide your child with emergency identification.

Place your child’s name, telephone number and address somewhere on their costume, clothing, or a piece of paper in their pocket. Approach lit houses only. I wish you all a safe time.

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