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choose-to-protectA Georgia high school student uses his smartphone to record a concealed attempt at a sexual act by two of his fellow students in the school cafeteria. That student and one of the classmates are now in legal trouble, facing public indecency charges.

Smartphones are a part of everyday life for many children and teens and protecting them from the dangers of this technology can feel like a daunting task for many parents.

The potential for young people to use their smartphones to record and even distribute sexually explicit or graphic content is troubling for parents. There is even a word for it, “sexting,” and it is a dangerous phenomenon. A recent FBI study reveals that 20 percent of teenagers with online access have sent or exchanged nude photos of themselves. The consequences of this type of unchecked online behavior are serious — such sexually suggestive material can be easily exchanged with others or, worse, posted on adult-oriented websites. Parents must be made aware of what their children are doing, or are capable of doing, with the most up-to-date personal communication technology. They must also be made aware of how vulnerable their children are to online predators, and even their peers.

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