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When I was in college, I would have wanted a road map to better understand the who, what, when, why and where as it related to my professional development.  The GE’s were cool, and all of the papers I wrote helped me “A”ce the course, but they didn’t really prepare me for the world that I then became involved – the real world.  If I was considering the job as a writer, social worker, stock broker, stay at home mom, entrepreneur, producer or any other profession, I think it would have been helpful to learn from someone who had, “been there done that.”  Someone who could share some of the pitfalls and get down and dirty about that which I may be considering as a career move.  Since I didn’t have that, I decided to provide that for you.  I love what I do!

Starting in the month  November, I am going to begin a series entitled: Black Professionals In America.  This is a fun segment where I get to share conversations I have with men and women that I know in a variety of professions.  I believe this will bring hope and show men and women that you CAN.  Whatever it is…you can.  Stay tuned and enjoy!

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