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The Daily Mail is reporting that Simpson, who has allegedly always been a religious man, has increased his fervor behind bars.

From ministering to inmates to purportedly converting a white supremacist to Christianity, his faith-based activities of late have apparently been plentiful. The 66-year-old is reading the Bible — and even the Koran — regularly, Norman Pardo, Simpson’s promoter, told the Daily Mail.

“He’s always been religious inside of the prison. He helps people who can’t find their way,” Pardo said.

Filmmaker Kenny Saylors, a documentarian who is making a movie about Simpson, agrees with this assessment.

“O.J. has rediscovered his faith. Prison has actually set him free,” Saylors told The Daily and Sunday Express.

Religious people and institutions have greatly influenced the treatment of offenders in correctional institutions. Churches were among the first institutions to provide asylum for accused criminals. The establishment of prisons and penitentiaries followed religious tenets that encouraged offenders to do penance for their crimes and to reject a criminal lifestyle while being isolated from others.

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