Lyrics:   “I  felt every bit of the pain. Had to walk through the shame. Have you ever had to keep silent while they scandalized your name? God you were right there healing my wounds. wiping my tears. There is no better place that I rather  be than right there in your care. Oh Lord you love me  Just As I am Weary and wounded  Just As I am Weary  My Heart In Ruins  Just As I am Only you Lord Can put me back together again. Could have walked way from it all, but  I am dedicated to the call.”

Just As I Am

That has to be my wife’s favorite song. She feels that it is me. Its you sharing your heart You can really feel the message that you are ending. I  just thought it  a message tat everyone needed to hear that they can live and that there is life beyond your mistakes. God  knew exactly what you would go through. When I sing  “You love me You love me’ I am singing  it truly with all my heart

Church Rock – It’s  for everyone.  It’s a movement.

Watch the video below:

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