Lyrics:  I got a testimony. Lord I need you to handle tis.I was just a good man in an awkward  position. Some might say he made a bad  decision. Heard  people say I thought he was a Christian. But its human nature to take our own vengeance.  Even though God’s word says Vengeance is mine  But when you been betrayed it’s hard to be kind. Not to mention that devil is playing tricks on your mind. Lord I need you to handle this. You just be aware of the enemy’s attempt to get you to fall and try to make you slip. Make you do something that holds you in contempt.If that devil tried Jesus what makes you exempt? If you make a bad move  God won’t get the glory. Leave it to the press to tell your story. Lord I need you to handle this  This is something only you can fix.

Handle This 

Wow! That song is very  very personal. It’s not explaining  everything but  its sharing my prospective on a particular situation. People  who have followed me you know what I am talking about. It shares my heart.  “I was just a good. You can be anointed and all these great things and still find yourself all these great things. You can still find yourself in a place where you need God. “Lord I’m caught between a rock in hard place.  That was me singing for real. None of this stuff is phony. I was singing from my soul, from deep in my heart.

Lyrics: “I ain’t going no where ’til Jesus shows up….. This technology got us losing our soul. We wonder why we ain;t got no power, his disciples won’t pray an hour. “

Waiting All Night 

That’s that Sam Cooke song.  I think I did well with that record. That’s a praise song right there.

Lyrics: “Sweet Jesus my personal savior, God of mercy, God of grace”

Sweet Jesus:

That song I can hardly get through without crying. I tried to share my intimate worship time. I deliberately put my name in it to let people know that I serve the same God. I am serving him with me. I wanted to show my love for the Lord. This is how I pray in my time alone with him.

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