Lyric: “Everybody needs a little prayer.”

A Little Prayer

I just wanted to be authentic and not have a bunch of stuff. I didn’t want anything to distract from the message of the song. On this  group of songs I wanted to be real authentic. It mattered the purity of it. I didn’t want to go for a bunch of sonic stuff.  i had done a lot of sonic things on my Church on the moon album.  This one I didn’t want to do that. On this song I didn’t want to do that.  I didn’t want anyone to be distracted from the message.  It’s simple an its raw. It’s honest.

Lyrics:  “If I ever had to go to war I’d want you by my side. If I ever got wounded on the battlefield. You wouldn’t leave me there to die. If I got too weak to climb you would put me over your shoulder and carry me over troubled waters.”

You’re With Me 

That’s one of the songs that I sang to myself in the middle of my storm. If I had to ever had  to go to war I want you by my side. I would sing the song  to myself  to encourage. A lot of these songs that I sang to myself  I was singing  to God.

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