Lyrics: “Every time somebody tries to judge me. He turn  around and elevates me. He got my back through the good and the bad.”

God At Work 

I was in my condo in Los Angeles. and I just got a breakthrough.   Let me just say this and it’s going to be rough. When the news hit about my storm on the internet because I had to share with people what I was going through. A few people were kind of  leery about me and where I was in my state. There were a few big opportunities I lost.  People were afraid to deal with it. All they heard was this drama.  I really was discouraged.  Just everything was going wrong in a matter of hours. The same day that a few events  were cancelled. I received  3 more opportunities o the same day. That’s how I wrote this song. It has nothing to do with me. These lyrics are really personal. If you really listen to those lyrics they are really completely personal. I would just sing it to myself. I would sing it over and over.  I took it to my brother and they did an amazing job. The most joyful things in my life are daughter and my new wife. That’s my favorite song o the whole record.

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