A story has been circulating the internet. That’s nothing new except that the content is so explicit I won’t even describe it.

It’s a story that I will neither link to or explain in words.  Needless to say, it is telling  one side of a story that has many facets. Facets that we have covered here on You can search them here. They are not hidden. I have not been asked to remove them.

They are what they are.

I say all of that to say this:

The Preachers of  L.A. cast  have opened the doors  of their lives wide open on their lives.  The only thing the guys were not going to show was their alone time with God and  some family interactions.

I spent an extensive amount of time with the pastors talking.  In particular Jay, Clarence and Deitrick had very long conversations with me. We talked about everything. Some of which you will see in video snippets.  I  talked with Deitrick Haddon about his new album “R.E.D.”  It was a long chat. He was 100% honest with me.  I asked, he  told. Period. No censor. No guidelines. Nothing was off the table. It was just the unvarnished truth.

For the record, Deitrick has always been 100% honest with me.  He has never dodged a question. He has never given me a no comment.

Here is the single which launched  the new album. Pay close attention to the lyrics.

Here are Deitrick’s comments  on his new album.

Have Your Way:

I didn’t do a lot a riffs, I just kinda sang. If you listen to it there’s not a lot going on. I just went in there and heard. It was perfect.

R.E.D. Interludes

“I just felt that it explains everything at the beginning. I wanted to put it all out there up front.  I heard everything everyone was saying.  Believe me I heard it all. It was so hard. I wanted to put it all at the beginning of the record so that I could get it all out there and put everyone on the same page with me.  The first lyric  says, “ I got so much to say but not enough space to say it  all. I hope you learn from my mistakes.  I hope you stand and never fall.” I am talking from a man that has  fallen and made mistakes. I had to get to back up. I just really wanted people to get people to same place to understand where I was coming from. I  wanted them to start on the same page of honesty and clarity. I just started to pour my heart out when I heard the voice on the track. When I head the voice n the track  I just started pouring my heart out. I started putting the words to it all. It’s honest. It tells everything It was me sharing my heart over the track.

Paint All Red

Well the song was really inspired by my life. The people who have followed me over the  last few years know that I have gone through some hard things. Really hard things I have gone through some hard things.  When I heard the track with the voice it ignited so many emotions in me. It allowed me to speak.  Hook:I paint my life in the blood of Jesus. It’s what we are suppose to do. We have to depend on the blood of Jesus to restore us. All our. The blood is our source of redemption.

Now read the lyrics on screen:

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