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On this past Sunday morning, the Sunday after the Preachers of LA premiered, I knew opinions would be varied and emotions high. Of course, because I have established a credibility amongst my people I knew they would be defensive and fighting for me. However, I cautioned them not to become offended and not to speak negatively against my brother, although they had witnessed on T.V. a heated debate. I advised them not to judge or condemn, but to pray and to love, because we are all a part of the same Kingdom. We in the body of Christ must come to understand that we can have passionate disagreements and separate and distinct callings and assignments, and yet not be divided from one another.

I brought to the congregation’s attention the fact that in Galatians Chapter 2, Verse 11, the Apostle Paul recounts a confrontation that he had with the Apostle Peter that had to do with their different perspectives on the Gospel, as relates to their distinct callings and assignments in the Kingdom of God. Paul writes in Galatians 2:11: “Now when Peter had come to Antioch I withstood him to his face because he was to be blamed…” v14 …”When I saw that they were not straight forward about the truth of the Gospel, I said to Peter before them all…” You can read for yourself the issue over which they disputed, but I want you to see that these kinds of confrontations between men of God are nothing new and yet both Peter and Paul had universal influence and impact on the Body of Christ.

I have learned to never put my mouth on the assignment of another Man of God even if I don’t agree with it, or understand it.

I reached out to my brother Dietrick and invited him to sit down and talk. Because of our busy schedules it took a minute, but we recently got it done. I have nothing but love for my brother and I believe he is uniquely gifted at what he does, and he is an articulate man of the Word. Trust me, Dietrick Haddon has good sense and I respect him. This is how we handle things in the Kingdom of God. We don’t allow “beef” to perpetuate or divide us. We don’t argue incisively through the media. We don’t arm ourselves with “AK’s” or “Truth Bullets” and start firing at one another. We can disagree, be distinct and yet not be divided. I told the people that I have the privilege to over see, we don’t take sides we’re all on the Lord’s side. Jesus be Glorified. Love never fails. Big Ups to Dietrick for his post (SEE LINK BELOW) and I pray he prospers in all he puts his hands to. As a Bishop in the Lord’s Church, the Unity of the Body is part of my assignment.

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