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If you saw episode one of The Preacher’s Of L.A. last week you saw a heated debate. Bishop McClendon responded to the direct question posed in the episode . You can watch the video by going to: Bishop McClendon ‘I Was Not Going To Get Into An Ignorant And Foolish Dispute.’ [VIDEO]

Both men were aware that a heated discussion would follow the airing of the episode. In fact when I spoke with them before the national airing they addressed it in a clear factual matter. You can watch  what they had to say by going here to this exclusive video: Real Preachers of LA: Haddon Versus McClendon (Exclusive Video)

Today, Bishop McClendon revealed that he and Deitrick sat down and talked.

I knew opinions would be varied and emotions high. Of course, because I have established a credibility amongst my people I knew they would be defensive and fighting for me. However, I cautioned them not to become offended and not to speak negatively against my brother, although they had witnessed on T.V. a heated debate… I reached out to my brother Dietrick and invited him to sit down and talk

Deitrick Haddon responded in kind by saying:

There is a demonic force that has an agenda to turn brother against brother, sister against sister, preacher against preacher……etc It’s an old ancient warfare tactic, that you would think we would have overcome by now, called “Divide & conquer”. I recently had a disagreement with a great preacher in whom I have great respect for. The debate was pretty intense and got kind of heated!! We found ourselves in a disagreement that made us both walk away questioning each others character. However, the Holy Spirit in us both did not allow that negative encounter to stop us from coming back together and getting an understanding.”

In case you were wondering where the biblical lesson is, here it is: Gifts of the holy spirit wisdom, understanding, counsel, knowledge

Read the entire text provided by Bishop McClendon and Minister Deitrick Haddon on the following pages.

Tell us what you think after you have read the pages.

Make sure you watch: Preachers Of L.A. : The First Ladies Explain It All [VIDEO]

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