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The nation is now one day away from a deadline to raise the debt ceiling as the partial government shutdown begins Day 16. Financial markets are waiting to see if the nation can avert default as all eyes turn to the Senate.

Along with national parks opening on a state-by-state basis, the fish and wildlife service said it is reopening several refuges to allow pheasant and duck hunting, as the hunting season gets under way.

More than 2,900 Federal Aviation Administration inspectors were initially furloughed, putting an end to inspections of plane, pilot and aircraft repair stations. The FAA asked 800 employees to return to work last week.

Federal courts have sufficient alternative funds to run until Thursday, and possibly Friday. From then on, courts will shut down all non-essential work. It is up to each court to determine what is or isn’t essential. Court-appointed lawyers and jurors could be asked to work, but might not be compensated until the shutdown ends.

The school systems continues to operate, though some research facilities cannot apply for government grants or access government databases.

A Texas couple donated $10m to the Head Start pre-school program for children in low income families, which was shut down. The money is considered a no-interest loan and will be repaid if funding is restored at the end of the shutdown.

A new Pew Research Center poll says 51% of Americans believe raising the debt limit by Thursday is “absolutely essential to avoid economic crisis.” By comparison, more than one-third,or 36% say the nation can go past the deadline without any “major economic problems, ” the Pew survey found. That figure includes 52% of Republicans and 38% of independents who are OK with going past the deadline.

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