Bishop McClendon ‘I Was Not Going To Get Into An Ignorant And Foolish Dispute.’ [VIDEO]

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    Preacher’s Of L.A. has stirred up major controversy in the family of faith. If you were on social media this week, you were well aware of it. One person who took a beating was Bishop Clarence McClendon. Things were said that would make your hair stand up!  Opinions were expressed. Loudly!  He took time out this week to clarify a few things in a special message.

    He wants to make one thing 100% clear.

    He does not turn away churches and organizations based on a fee or an inability to pay for his alleged entourage or team. “I realized that I was getting into what the Bible calls an ignorant and foolish dispute.”

    Further to that he wanted to make sure that everyone understood what transpired. 

    Bishop McClendon says:

    I realized that I was getting into what the Bible calls an ignorant and foolish dispute. What I recognize now is that I was set up to be put in a crossfire. I am not going to allow people to abuse that or malign that for the sake of television…. It’s my son and my assistant who traveled with me and the other guy, carrying the luggage, that was the driver that the producers sent. 


    We sat down and talked to him recently and this is what he told us:  Real Preachers of LA: Haddon Versus McClendon (Exclusive Video)

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