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cheatingIt seems like cheating and affairs are at an all time high; Hollywood scandal is full of how unfaithful this or that person is and their saga plays out in the media for us all to see and judge. The philanderer is dragged through the mud; but I think it’s time we step back for a second and look at the entire picture. People aren’t having affairs by themselves and it usually comes down to the issue of respect! Let’s talk about a few scenarios…follow me.  People don’t cheat alone so here are a few kinds of folks they may end up “doing-the-do” with:

Mr. or Mrs. “they’re separated.”

Last I checked separated still meant married.  As a coach, so many times I see people get involved with someone who is married just because they wanted so badly to believe that being separated means it’s okay to get involved with that person. These are the same people who end up hurt because “separated” doesn’t turn into divorce and he or she ends up right back with their husband or wife. Suddenly the person you thought you had built something with turns into a lying cheater (ironic right?).

Moral: Don’t put yourself in a situation that has so little clarity. Separated is still married and only divorced means divorced!

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