movie and pop cornCrowdfunding is giving the producers of the new Christian film Genesis 3D the ability to ‘Make History’ said Eric Hovind, president of Creation Today and executive producer of Genesis 3D. “Christians want to be involved in activities that change lives, and that is exactly what this project will do.”

With more than a third of their $150,000 goal raised in the first 24 hours of a 43 day campaign, producers are “rolling out the stretch goals sooner than we anticipated” said Ralph Strean, Director of the film. “This cinematic project is a perfect fit for crowdfunding by the Christian Community. Its the first of its kind and they will be excited to see it impacting our culture with the truth of God’s Word, in 3D.”

The project gained the attention of writer, director and producer Alex Kendrick who said that this kind of production is the “rocket fuel” that creation ministries need. The next 40 days will tell if the stunning visual effects and cutting edge research from scientific experts who support a literal historical view of Genesis will be enough to gain the support of evangelicals around the country.

Jonathan Falwell, senior pastor of Thomas Road Baptist Church in Lynchburg, VA, was excited about the potential of Genesis 3D, and said, “It will bring to life the truth of God’s Word.” Falwell passionately encouraged Christians to join producers to “bring the message of life and light to a world that desperately needs to know who God is and what God has done through the gift of his Son Jesus Christ.”

Hovind added, “It looks like Christians around the world are pumped about this film as we have already seen many backers from foreign countries donate through the IndieGoGo campaign.”

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