Who is Mayte Garcia? Mayte Garcia, Prince’s ex-wife, stars on “Hollywood Exes,” a VH1 reality TV show about, you guessed it, celebrity ex-wives. Mayte Garcia married Prince in 1996, but they had the marriage annulled on their third anniversary and officially divorced in 2000.

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Mayte and Prince had one child, a boy named Boy Gregory, but he was born premature and died of Pfeiffer syndrome, a rare skull defect. In addition to being a reality TV star on “Hollywood Exes,” Mayte Garcia is also a famed dancer and choreographer, and she first came to Prince’s attention as “the world’s youngest belly dancer,” as the was dubbed when she appeared as a little girl on the show “That’s Incredible.”

Who is Mayte Garcia? Mayte Garcia was born Nov. 12, 1973, and as the daughter of U.S. Army Major John Garcia, she moved around a lot as a child. Mayte was born in Alabama but grew up in largely in Germany. She spent summers in Puerto Rico, where had had relatives, and as she developed her love of dance, she no doubt benefited from genes passed on by her mother, Nelle, a school dance teacher. Still, it was her father, she told the Daily Mail, who showed Prince a video of her dancing while the Purple One was on tour in Germany, and thus was born their relationship. Mayte Garcia was just 16 years old at the time, but the music icon, then 32, pursued her and sent her unreleased music. After Mayte Garcia graduate high school, Prince invited her to tour with his band, and she’s said to be the inspiration behind the “Love Symbol” album, released in 1992. She can be seen in the video for “7,” the biggest hit off the collection.

Who is Mayte Garcia? That’s a question “Hollywood Exes” might answer in different ways, depending on their opinions of Prince’s ex-wife. On “Hollywood Exes,” Prince’s ex-wife has had beef with Jessica Canseco, formerly married to baseball star Jose Canseco, and she’s become close with Andrea Kelly, ex-wife of R&B superstar R Kelly. “Last season we were getting to know each other and she said something that offended me and I spoke up,” Mayte Garcia said in an interview with VH1’s blog, talking up season 2 of “Hollywood Exes,” which premiered July 8, 2013. “I learned from my past, there were times when I didn’t speak up and I felt like I should, so I did and unfortunately it created a bit of drama for the show.”

The question, “Who is Mayte Garcia?” might also be answered, “One of the many women who’s dated Tommy Lee,” as she cozied up to the Motley Crue drummer for a couple of years after her divorce from Prince. She’s also choreographed dance routines for such stars as Britney Spears. Still, Mayte has always wanted to be a mother, and season 2 of “Hollywood Exes” focuses on her adopting a child and juggling the demands of family with the challenges related to kick-staring her acting career and filming a series of belly dancing DVDs, according to VH1. Who is Mayte Garcia? A young woman who’s led an interesting life—and who brings real color and drama the reality TV show “Hollywood Exes.”

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