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The struggle between black men and women is an old one. It cuts very deep and very long.

Black men have failed Black women in many ways, but probably the most egregious offense is that we’ve failed to PROTECT our women.

As an avid follower of any and everything that has to do with Malcolm X, there is a segment of one of his speeches that will ALWAYS stand out to me:

That speech was made about 5 decades ago, and the FACTS show that our community STILL has a big problem on our hands:

60% of Black girls have experienced sexual abuse before the age of 18

– For every 1 Black woman that reports her rape, 15 DO NOT (for every 1 white woman that reports her rape, 5 do not)

– African-Americans are more likely to blame the VICTIM for being sexually assaulted

– Black people account for a disproportionate number of intimate partner homicides

– Almost 1 in 3 African American women have been subject to intimate partner violence

Aside from not protecting our women physically and being the main cause of their pain, Black men also have failed to protect our women’s honor, integrity and image. When I look around today I see the Black female form being continually oversexualized in the media, Black women being overtly disrespected in music to the point it’s viewed as normative behavior, and Black women being abandoned as parents.

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