An Atlanta law firm has sent a letter to the  Church of God in Christ (COGIC) Presiding Bishop and its Chairman of the Board of Bishops informing them of the intent to file a federal lawsuit alleging racketeering, theft by extortion and several other charges. The Presiding Bishop still has not responded to a letter from an Atlanta law firm stating an intent to sue him and Chairman of the denomination’s Board of Bishop’s for, among other things, federal level racketeering violations charges of leadership abuses by the administration of Bishop Charles Blake, Sr may have crested with a new volley of potential legal charges. Attorneys from the law firm of Changus Campbell LLP on behalf of its clients Bishop Larry Shaw of Savannah, GA and Bishop Thomas Holsey of Dover, DE filed official paperwork. The innerworkings of this scandal run so deep that we will link you to the reports and allow you to make the call.

COGIC ABUSE WATCH is in possession of a letter that is so explosive, you need to back away from the fuse.  You can read this letter here.

Two talking points of this scandal as reported by COGIC ABUSE WATCH are as follows:

  • An  accusation that Bishop Sheard (BET ‘s The Sheards) of offering controversial Atlanta media personality William McCray III (ordained COGIC elder; red glasses) “thousands of dollars” to post defamatory information on his website called Obnoxious Blog.
  • Sheard instructed McCray to post the false and defamatory information prior to 2012 COGIC elections in an attempt to destroy Shaw’s re-election efforts.

Man, this  is going to get HEATED!!!!

We occasionally check out The Obnoxious board from time, as they check us out. (hi mr. obnoxious,  we are waving at you.)

Check out this scene from this past season of BET’s The Sheards, which featured Bishop Sheard.

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