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According to US magazine’s exclusive Khloe Kardashian is exhausted.

It’s the very definition of “estrangement”: Following months of turmoil that culminated in Lamar Odom‘s DUI and a much-contested brief rehab stay, Khloe Kardashian has no idea where her husband of nearly four years is.

“Khloe doesn’t know where Lamar is,” a source close to Kardashian, 29, told Us Weekly late Thursday, Sept. 5. “She’s just exhausted. I don’t think anyone knows where he is at this point.” The source adds that Khloe “cut him off” following a heated showdown over a week ago, in which she confronted Odom about his drug addiction and reported affairs with other women. “She said get out, go get help,” the source says.

Unfortunately, when young couples face addiction they rarely survive.

Individuals with alcohol or other substance addictions have a distorted sense of reality. They will justify hiding their addiction from family and friends. They might even explain that they drink or escape through drugs to deal with a spouse who makes life difficult, or because they have a stressful job, or their children are such problems.

When their addiction worsens – and it will – they will tell say that the police were unjustified when they got the DUI, or that this really was just a one-time fluke. Even when they begin to have blackouts- memory lapses due to the intoxication- they are able to deny this to you and to themselves.

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