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Jodi Benson voiced lead character Ariel and spoke with The Christian Post about her work with the Disney company, the message of “The Little Mermaid,” and how faith helped her change her future.

Did faith play a role in choosing to work with Disney and be a part of “The Little Mermaid”?

When the opportunity came for me to audition for “Mermaid,” I leapt at the opportunity. I was all about the family, and Disney stood for everything I stood for; it was a marriage made in heaven. I work with a lot of amazing people. What I look for in a project or partner is integrity and character; I love the concept of family entertainment and crosses over the generations, where you can sit kids with their grandparents and everyone has a good time. Those are the qualities that I want to bring to viewers.

What message do you hope “The Little Mermaid” sends to young girls/viewers?

To be tenacious, to be driven as far as going after your dreams. The gifts that God gives children should be expressed and they [children] should not be so concerned about success or failure but just go for it. I think God calls and encourages us to dream big, but sometimes we put God in a box in a very small way, when God wants us to look outside the box. Ariel is looking outside the box at something unattainable; and she is tenacious in obtaining her goal. Every time we release something from the vault, we want to bring a new generation as if it were the first time. We want to expose it to children’s eyes for the first time.

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