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Tasha Marbury is opening about what really went on with her husband Stephon Marbury and their chef.

On the next episode of “Basketball Wives” Tasha is tackling the sensitive subject of her husband’s costly infidelity. She wouldn’t have had to say anything if Suzie Ketcham didn’t ask the uncomfortably pointed question of whether there is any truth to the reports that Stephon slept with their employee.

Of course, Suzie would probably have kept her mouth shut had Tami Roman not put her up to it. That’s why it was so curious when Tami took accused Suzie of being rude for bringing it up. However, Suzie asking how the woman looked was wholly her own terrible idea.

Tasha brushed off the follow-up question, stating, “Whatever. Let her take her little money and keep it moving.” Instead of changing the subject, Tami seized the opportunity to see if Tasha and Stephon had really shelled out nearly $1 million to their former chef.

Watch the  video here.

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