Claudette Ortiz’s Powerful Monologue About Rape: ‘R&B Divas: LA’ [RECAP]

On the latest episode of “R&B Divas: LA”, it was finally show time! Although Kelly and Dawn were not going to be apart of the…

On the latest episode of “R&B Divas: LA”, it was finally show time! Although Kelly and Dawn were not going to be apart of the “What Would A Diva Do?” Monologues the show had to go on and Lil Mo, Claudette, Michelle and Chante were ready to put on a hot show. On the day of the show, the girls were all having second thoughts. Would they be able to pull it off? Could they share their most painful memories with complete strangers? Would they be able to get through each act without breaking down? Find out what happened below.

Missed the drama last night? Watch the full episode below!

Chante’s Monologue


When Chante took the stage for her monologue, she took herself back to her six year old self while sitting in the back seat of her parent’s car and watching them flirt with each other. The point of her monologue was to show the reason why she idolized the image of love and marriage so much. She wanted the love that her mother and father had so desperately that as she grew older she did anything to get it. She then fast forwarded to her first real relationship where she was treated badly and her self worth was questioned. She then ended her monologues with a solo performance that touched everyone in the room! Lil Mo couldn’t help but to stop the tears from falling when watching Chante tear the house down with her song, “Cry Me A River”. She ended her portion to a standing ovation which set the tone for the rest of the night.

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Lil Mo vs. Cynthia


Lil Mo had quite an interesting story. Her biggest battle in life was between her stage presence, Lil Mo, and her real self, Cynthia. She felt that there was a bipolar thing going on inside of her. There was a hood side, a bad side, a mom side, a good side, a singer side and then there was her true self. Cynthia felt as if her “Lil Mo” persona got all the glory while “Cynthia” was the one that got teased and bullied as a child. Cynthia only wanted to go to hair school and live a normal life while Lil Mo wanted to be a star. Cynthia was the one that got 23 stitches in her head from being involved in a violent altercation while Lil Mo got all the glory from her first album dropping. Cynthia then asked the audience, “Who is Lil Mo!?” because she hadn’t been through anything that Cynthia had been through.

After an intense inner battle with her two personalities, Lil Mo revealed the big bomb – that she contemplated killing her other persona. She ended her portion of her monologue with an amazing song that again touched everyone in the room. The other ladies were very impressed with Lil Mo’s portion of the show especially her ability to battle with her two biggest personalities. Mo left the stage to a standing ovation which was the perfect leeway into the second act of the show.

Claudette’s Self Worth


Claudette’s monologue was extremely emotional and powerful. She opened up about the night her self worth was taken from her when she was only 14 years old. She discussed the pain she endured when a man took advantage of her and how she tried to fight to save her dignity but lost. She expressed how exhausted she was from fighting to the point that she finally gave up. At that moment, that was when her worth was broken. After that relationship was so bad, she went on to be in another abusive relationship, had a baby as 21, married at 23 and was divorced by 29. Finally, she learned that she deserved better and tried to explain to the audience that no matter how broken down you are or were, you had to keep running. Claudette hoped that her story would touch anyone in the room who experienced something traumatizing and encourage them to keep fighting. Claudette also received a standing ovation as everyone in the room was extremely moved.

Michelle Opens Up About Her Suicidal Thoughts

When it was time for Michelle to take the floor, she revealed that she thought about killing herself a couple of months ago and woke up one morning and decided that it was her time to go. She felt as if she was a horrible mother, friend, lover and over all person and figured that her time was up. She decided to take a lot of prescription pills and go and lay down until she took her final breath. While she was “high” her 10 year old daughter came into her room and Michelle told her “goodbye”. At that moment, her daughter knew that she was ready to go but Michelle couldn’t hear anything that her daughter was telling her because she was so out of it. Michelle then revealed that she passed out sleep for 14 hours but woke up the next day completely fine. She then realized that suicide was the worst thing that a person could ever do because while they may think they’re eliminating their own problems they’re actually creating a lot more.

At the end of the show, all four divas joined each other on stage for one final performance together. The audience in the room was surprised, motivated and fully emotional after listening to each powerful story! Congratulations to the divas for pulling off an amazing performance regardless all the drama that Kelly and Dawn brought to the table!

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